this work consists of an expose of the soulless exploitation of the natural world

it manipulates the interface between the digital and the dead to

effect the transition between life, death and eternity



2009Moray School of Art BA(Hons) Fine Art

I am a London born artist now living in Moray,Scotland, where I completed my BA (Hons) for fine art. My art uses the medium of photography to show the things that we all see but never look at. Within this work I have photographed road kill and any other newley found dead to create an immortality for the animal. 



This work has been inspired by the artists  Helen Chadwick,Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst and Grayson Perry and the book 'The Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson



Exhibition History

2013Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4239-4
2012ScanIt, Brighton. UK
2011London, Ealing open arts
2010Moray School of Art
2oo9Degree Show, Moray School of Art
2008SNH, Inverness
2008Diverse, Nairn
200711 Ways, Elgin
2005DArt Gallery, Elgin