This work is ....

This body of work is looking for a suitable gallery space. 

These images are designed to reflect the common belief that art should be saleable, inoffensive and without meaning. 

My work reflects none of these qualities, but displays, on first glance all of these qualities. It is the over sentimental, and over sized image of the dead that allows the viewer to really look at the photograph, to engage and understand the emotion, in what is an unemotional image of still life, using wooden mannequins and dead animals. The work is a sugar coated reminder to society that when we live in a world void of wildlife, we have no world to live in. Nature can only repair so much damage to the planet, once pushed beyond a point of no return then man has not won the battle to be supreme ruler of all he has made, the has lost the balance between life, death and immortality.

The work is a juxtaposition of the mortal and immortal.